I am an Italian musician and composer who is passionate about creating orchestral music tracks using and programming exclusively digital instruments.


Self-taught  musician, I grew up in a family of musicians and always played and composed music since I was a child.


I compose orchestral music, soundtrack and trailers but not just that, I have also work together with some record labels for uplifting trance projects (edm).


You can hear many of my compositions in documentaries and spots background music of all kind.


I try to create catchy sonorities & melodies that will be easily remembered and that awaken deep emotions.

I spend a lot of time composing and refining my works, doing it with great passion. I love creating music. 

Most of my work is distributed under Creative Commons (By-3.0), so anyone can use it freely. 

Maybe you would like to support me making a small donation! Thank you in advance if you do it.

If you need an exclusive soundtrack for a video-spot or a promo, composed expressly for you, please contact me for a price quote.


I recently made a blog in Italian on the musical composition, home recording, sound engineering and mastering.

In this site you will find articles and guides on creating music through the use of computers.

Available only in Italian.